sábado, junio 05, 2004

Records Paint Dark Portrait Of Guard (washingtonpost.com)

Records Paint Dark Portrait Of Guard (washingtonpost.com): "In perhaps the most famous of the photographs, he is the one standing behind the now-iconic pyramid of prisoners, all of them naked and hooded as he looks into the camera and smiles.
In other photos, he is the one aiming his fist at a prisoner he has collared around the neck, kneeling on prisoners whose hands are tied behind their backs, and raising his left index finger in a 'No. 1' sign as he squats next to a prisoner who is bruised, bandaged and dead.
These are the images the world knows so far of Army Spec. Charles A. Graner Jr., 35, who in the unfolding Iraq prisoner-abuse scandal has become the infamous guard of Abu Ghraib. But there are other, lesser-known images of him:
In 1991, he was a 22-year-old soldier in Saudi Arabia, calling home at all hours to see if his wife was there.
In 1992, he was working at a county prison in Pennsylvania with guards who acknowledge beating up prisoners as a means of control.
In 1994, he made a fellow prison guard sick by spraying Mace into his coffee.
In 1997, he was accused by his wife of threatening to kill her.
In 1998, when he was working as a guard in a state prison, he was accused by one inmate of slipping a razor blade into his food.
And in 2001, he was accused by his now-ex-wife of grabbing her by the hair, dragging her out of a bedroom and trying to throw her down the stairs.
These images come not from photographs or videos but from court records and interviews with people who have known Graner over the past 20 years, many of whom say they were shocked less by the abuse depicted in the pictures than by the familiar face at the center. "

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